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All in one        combined
All rolled up in one   combined
At one time   at a time in the past
At one with someone  share the same view as someone
At sixes and sevens   in a state of confusion
Back to square one  back to where one started
Cut both/two ways  be capable of having two opposite effects
Dressed to the nines       dressed in one's best clothes
(I/you/he etc) for one  as one example
For one thing  for one reason (among others)
Forty winks  a short sleep during the day
Give three cheers for someone  give praise or approval for someone who has done well
Great one for something  a great enthusiast for something
Hundred to one shot/chance  a small chance not likely to bring success
Hundred/thousand/million and one  very/too many
In two minds about something  undecided
In two shakes of a lamb's tail  very quickly and without difficulty
Kill two birds with one stone  achieve two aims with one effort/action
New one on me  something surprising that one did not know before
Nine-day wonder   someone/something who briefly attracts a lot of attention
Nine times out of ten  almost always
Nine-to-five job/attitude  a routine job in an office, attitude to life that reflects routine
Number one (look after/take care of number one)  oneself
On all fours  on one's hands and knees
On cloud nine  very happy
One and only  the only person or thing
One and the same  exactly the same
One by one  individually, one at a time
One hell/heck of a something the emphasis that something is very good or bad
One good turn deserves another  if someone helps you it is fair to help them in return
One in a million  a great or unique person
One of the boys  an accepted member of a group
One of these days  soon, before long
One of those days  a bad day where nothing goes right
One of those things  something is unfortunate but must be accepted
One or two  a few, a small number
(The) one that got away  referring to a fish that you didn't catch or an opportunity that you missed
One too many  too much alcohol
One up on someone  have an advantage over someone
One's lucky number comes up  someone is lucky or has good fortune
One's number is up something bad will happen to someone
One's opposite number  someone who has the same position as oneself in another company or organization
Pull a fast one (on someone)  cheat someone
Put two and two together  make a correct guess
Quick one  a single drink of alcohol taken before one does something else
Seventh heaven  in a situation of great happiness
Six feet under  dead and buried
Six of one and a half dozen of the other there is little difference between two things/situations
Ten to one  very likely
There are no two ways about it  there is no alternative
Two can play that game you can also treat someone in the same way as they have treated you
Two heads are better than one  it is better to work with another person to solve problems etc
Two wrongs don't make a right  you can't justify a wrong action by saying that someone else did the same thing to you
Two's company (three's a crowd)  better to leave two people together than for a third person to interfere
Three R's  the three basic skills from school - reading, (w)riting, (a)rithmetic
(A) stitch in time saves nine  any damage or mistake should be corrected immediately in order to prevent it getting worse


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